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Hawaiian Dictionary

Comprehensive online Hawaiian dictionary. 

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Archival Materials

Useful for land research. Database of historically and culturally significant places, events and documents in Hawaiʻi’s history. You can search for text in Hawaiian language newspapers, Māhele records, and other archival collections. 

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Native Hawaiian Law

Know your rights. Legal primers on iwi kupuna, traditional and customary rights, water, and quiet title.  Designed to summarize major laws and issues, and direct those with additional questions to available resources.

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Interactive Webmap

Useful for land research. You can use this map to look up historic data for geographic locations.

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Hawaiian Place Names

Useful for land research. Database of Hawaiian place names. Organized by island, ahupuaʻa, and feature type. You can search for information by typing in a Land Commission Award number, a Royal Patent number, the name of a kuleana awardee or a land grantee, a Tax Map Key number, or even the source name of some document (the name of the author, for example).

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