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The mission of Protect Hakipuʻu ʻOhana is to preserve, protect, and steward the ahupuaʻa of Hakipuʻu. We come from a place rich in heritage and mana. Our objective as ka poʻe o Hakipuʻu (people of Hakipuʻu) is to ensure the responsible cultural, historical, and environmental protection, stewardship, and preservation of this ahupuaʻa. We employ traditional protocols and practices, engage in partnerships with kūpuna, and work to sustain the health of the people and resources within Hakipuʻu.  


For generations, the kuleana lands of Hakipuʻu and surrounding ahupuaʻa have been under threat through adverse possession and quiet title actions.  We, the remaining families who have not lost our lands, are the last stronghold and a kīpuka where Kānaka ʻŌiwi values are lived and persist. We are mobilizing in order to protect our way of life as mahiʻai (farmers) and kuaʻāina (country people).  Protect Hakipuʻu ʻOhana is here to restore and maintain the sacredness of our wahi pana (storied places) and our traditional lands that physically and spiritually sustain us. 


We are taking actions to:

  • Preserve our historic and cultural sites, including iwi kūpuna (ancestral burials) in order to prevent the further erasure of our culture and Native history;

  • Protect and preserve our natural resources within our ‘āina of Hakipu’u that are threatened by adverse possession, ranching, pesticides, water diversion, and pollution for generations since the 1850s; and

  • Ensure abundance for future generations in Hakipuʻu and across Hawaiʻi Nei.

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